My dog got scared this morning
tail tucked
hackles up
as two silver labs came right her way
my sweetest voice didn’t overcome the pounding in her ears of
run now
this could be the end
their wagging tails mean nothing as she
and they look to their owner for clarity
I should be proud of her for learning to
protect herself
to say no
without biting
but I’m angry
that she didn’t go quietly
didn’t let this invasion of her space
go undiscussed

my upbringing brought up this fear
this need to hide
and be unbothered
when bothered
to believe
way way down
in a vault I can’t open yet
the idea that
disturbed waters
can only wreck boats

I want to be like my dog
my little rescue mutt
that walked through the desert
for 7 dog years
sub 20 pounds
and still can make a damn good
second impression
because with her
you have to earn her trust
yet somehow
despite the scarcity and fear she lived
it only takes 3 minutes
and her tail is out
her ears are back
and she’d lick your teeth
if you let her

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