late night dance party

I’m fine being everyone
all of them
the loud one
the quiet one
the awkward one
the funny one
they each have their time
and I love them all the same
because the loud one comes out at the party
while the sad one waits for a morning alone
they care for me
by being me
when they should

but sometimes
when the awkward one shows up before the funny one
and the two start to vie for the spotlight
we all start to get a little nervous
as we’re hearing an ill timed remark
really, really loudly
then the sad one nudges up
and the quiet one cries in a corner
and now we’re all ready to go
because we’re not the right fit

being genuine
is being everyone
that lives inside you
so I don’t feel fake when my mindset shifts
but I do feel dark
when I blame my parts
for being
just as they are

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