getting back up

I think the secret thing I learned about love
is that I will always piss you off
and you will always push my buttons
but again and again
I will hit the reset switch
to get the circuit back on track
because that current
when it’s running
is the best thing I’ve ever felt
and maybe we overpowered the system for a minute
maybe we tried to run the blender
and the toaster
and our careers
and our insecurities
all at the same time
and we blew the breaker

so we sat in the dark for a bit
feeling around for the glass we dropped
trying not to cut each other
on the words we said
but it’s just glass
it’s just skin
so we just stood up
and walked to the box
leaving cuts on our feet
and blood on the floor
to flip the breaker

the blood wipes up
and the cuts heal in time
but I don’t know what I’d do
if I hadn’t found you again
somewhere in the dark
if the glass had been enough to stop us
from getting up again

it’s just glass
it’s just skin

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