turning 28 with a bottle of wine in utah

who used to live in the collapsed cities
beneath mexican mountain?
some folks say
the garden of eden was in massachusetts
so I can see the nephilim settling down in central Utah
where else would the bastards of angels and men find suitable?
the outcasts too great for man
but too man for greatness

no where holy enough on earth to house these half bloods
aside from the red and yellow striped monoliths
that reign over the san rafael river

so they built their cities from the rocks that fell
from that space between
and heaven
the kayenta and wingate
that fell from grace
or by grace
the nephilim couldn’t tell the difference
a life stuck between worlds
always felt like falling and flying

they took the halved and broken stones
and built homes
and sacred places
for worshiping the mountain
the one that sits between
and heaven

just like them

standing strong
needing neither
to be complete

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