officiating a wedding

tell me of one thing on this planet
that doesn’t need another
to thrive
and I did not say survive
mind you
I mean flourish
tell me what stands alone
that is greater
than the sum of our parts
our hearts
added together
we have become more than we knew
we could ever be
a number so high
we didn’t know it existed
we fell in love

marriage (definition): a combination or mixture of two elements
element (definition): a part or aspect of something that is essential
essential (definition): something that is absolutely necessary
a marriage is a mixture of two things that are essential
two parts
of two wholes
that when combined
form something else altogether
something elemental
something essential
the marriage of hydrogen and oxygen
is the only reason you and I are standing here today
so when I look at these two
full of marriages already
hydrogen and oxygen
flesh and blood
hope and joy
it only makes sense
for me to join them
in one more

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